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Focuses on Holistic Development

Pretty Petals School curriculum is an effective framework for education through a relevant, broad, balanced, well-taught and monitored syllabus. Focused to boost students’ social, emotional, physical and creative needs our school also ensures no downfall in academic excellence at the same time. Our approach is on a holistic learning, which means, educating the whole child.

Interactive, Fun and Engaging Approach

The curriculum is conceived after an in-depth research on a variety of early childhood theories, practices and approaches. Our module of learning and teaching style has taken into account of all these before selecting and incorporating them in our school curriculum. Rest assured, we emphasis on excellence in learning, with an all-round cultural, physical, mental and moral development but the core ideology of our curriculum is that the learning has to happen in an interactive, fun and engaging environment.

Designed as per the Age

Our curriculum is designed as per the age/developmental needs of a child. The approach is called ‘The Multiple Intelligence Module” – through which we nurture a student’s needs. Every child has a natural curiosity and eagerness to explore. But what is it? We find out and our combination of a nurturing teacher and well rounded curriculum then provides a magic recipe for a holistic development of a child and to encourage further exploration and learning.

Theme based Activities

The curriculum offers numerous activities on a daily basis. The stand out aspect of this curriculum is in incorporation of cultural awareness through seasonal themes, holiday significance, stories and legends.

The Multiple Intelligence Module



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