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The History of Pretty Petals

Our Story

Pretty Petals School was established in 2005, under the aegis of OM Educational Trust, which was founded with a philosophy to work for the betterment of education system. The trust is the vision of Sri Amit Arya who believes in the power of education and the changes that it brings to the society. A technocrat by profession, Engineer Arya always wanted to empower students by erasing negativity and opening doors of positivity. Through Pretty Petals, students are motivated to be critical and intensive thinkers. The school instills confidence in students and helps them in enhancing their creative and communication skills.

OM Education Trust is supported by DSS Trust, Kanpur (UP). The founding stone of DSS Trust was laid in 1991 by an eminent social worker and technocrat of his times – Sri O.P. Arya. Much like the saying “Great work are done by great visionaries”, the statement holds true for Sri O.P. Arya. DSS Trust is now well known for its distinguished services in the field of education, especially in school and college sectors. The trust has been creating excellent learning environment and helping pupils of Kanpur for last 28 years.

Education is an essential way to nurture critical thinking, empower people to handle challenges and find solutions to sustainable growth. On this thought process we have set the foundation of our Mission, Vision and Approach.

Advisory Board

Er. Amit Arya

A civil engineer by profession, Er. Amit Arya is a celebrated personality in his domain and in and around Lucknow. His ethics, work-style and open-mind attitude have made him one of the reliable faces in Lucknow.

Education has always been at his back of mind. Mr. Arya, wanted to start something of great magnitude and wished to transform peoples’ lives through a well-researched education system. For him, Pretty Petals School (PPS) is a sincere attempt to live this dream. Step by step, he wants to reach the pinnacle of height. A day boarding & playschool in Lucknow at this level but his vision is distinct, though is set very far and wide. His guidance and inputs to PPS will always boost the school and will inspire students to do greater things.

Abhay K. Kejriwal

The movement at which the world is changing has left the entire human race behind. At this age of mechanical life, it is heartening to see peoples who happily scarify their lives for their near and dear ones. Mr. Abhay K. Kejriwal gave up his job to take care of his ill father and now offers advice on investments like the mutual fund.

He worked at LSI Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. and Wolfson Microelectronics, Newbury, the UK as principal design engineer. His experience and in-depth knowledge will help Pretty Petals School to stride forward. And, for sure, children will enrich with knowledge.

Pradeep Vashisth

After completing his undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineer, Mr. Pradeep Vashisth went to the USA to pursue Masters degree in Environmental Engineering in 1994. Subsequently, he started his career in Information and Technology after earning an MS degree. Currently, he is the Managing Director of largest Japanese Bank MUFG in New York.

Over the years he has been involved with various community programs in India through a different non-profit organization to educate underprivileged kids in different states. He has always been a very big advocate of providing education to all to make a better place to live. His association with Pretty Petals School will be worth capitalizing.

Kamalendu Bali

With 25 years of work experience and led roles in Sales, Government education policy, Outsourcing and advisory with companies like Intel and IBM Mr. Kamalendu Bali knows how to achieve goals. His current profile of managing Concentrix pre-sales for India, China, Korea, Japan, MEA, ASEAN and ANZ needs no elaboration.

As an active academician, Mr. Bali delivers guest lectures at reputed institutes like IIT, IIM, TERI and etc. Also, he has written extensively on the economy and emerging businesses and contributed chapters in 2-course books. The presence of Mr. Bali in the advisory board of Pretty Petals School will definitely boost the school’s fortune. Students will acquire his able guidance time and again to enhance their skills



We are committed to impart constructive knowledge in each child and achieve excellence in learning both within the classroom and beyond. We will create possibilities for children to invent and discover, to create confident student who could walk to higher schools in a dignified way.


We believe that each child is gifted with a set of unique abilities. Our role is to encourage them to think independently, inspire their passion and inculcate the value truth and excellence, which eventually will bear the fruit of leaders who will make the world a better place to live in.


At Pretty Petals School (PPS), we know every step of life is obstructed with challenges and to win these challenges our children has to be confident, constructive and calculative. Our course curriculum revolves around these 3Cs.

We try to be not different and that’s how we are different

We keep things simple

Pretty Petals School (PPS) prepares children for the real world not just by imparting knowledge through books. ‘Knowledge is everywhere’ is one of our philosophies and our students go beyond the four walls of classroom for learning. Our curious students become keen observers and grab knowledge wherever they go. We believe that informal learning has massive potential to give meaning, relevance and context to the ideas that schools offer.

Knowledge of Exercise

“Physical activity and sports are generally promoted for their positive effect on children’s physical health. Regular participation in physical activity is linked to enhancement of brain function and cognition, thereby positively influencing academic performance.”
Children are introduced to physical and co curricular activities like climbing, jumping, pedaling, drawing, painting, dancing, singing, acting for proper growth and knowledge.

Knowledge of Aesthetics

Our school encourages children to appreciate beautiful things around them. Vibrant flowers, colorful butterflies and spectacular birds can inspire and develop their sense of aesthetics and knowledge.

Knowledge of hygiene and healthy

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Being clean is a sign of spiritual purity or goodness. Children are motivated to do their own work – from taking meals to going to toilet. Also, we ensure that they wash their hands before and after such activities to develop the sense of hygiene, cleanliness and health.

Intellectual Curiosity

Children are inspired to question everything. This process helps in brain development and eventually offers knowledge. This is an integral part of our child development process.

Creative Expression

Children are exposed to activities which help them to express themselves. Through drawing, painting, music, dance, drama, clay modeling, etc children find their interest that helps them to grow.

Communication Skills

We focus on effective interactions that boost children to be confident communicators. New words are introduced to children through storytelling, free conversation, dramatization, etc to enhance vocabulary.

Social Behavior And Manners

Good manners are essential for every child’s self confidence and success in life. Our children are taught and encouraged to co-operate, share and take care of their belongings. These lessons help children grow as individual and become responsible citizen of tomorrow.

Great Teachers – Talented and Skilled

Great teachers make students want to learn. With their own passion for education, they capture the students’ imaginations and evoke a sense of excitement – inspiring students to question, discover and anticipate the future with an exhilarating sense of potential. Our teachers uncover students’ hidden talents and passions and helps them believe they are capable of anything.
Our teachers assume parental responsibilities while being with their students. Just like a good parent, a good teacher is loving, caring, compassionate, kind, fair and forgiving.
Our student-teacher ratio is 15:1

We have specialized staff for the following sections:

  • Child psychology
  • Child health & nutrition
  • Upgraded and new methods of childhood education
  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  • Language development



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